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Animalium Mod


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Animalium Mod 1.16.5 => 1.10.2 focuses on adding a little more difficulty to our games by adding new variants, in this case, animals, of creatures hostile to our character. These unique creatures are bears, wild dogs, piranhas and rats. Dogs, bears and rats can be spawned in any biome, while piranhas can only be spawned in rivers and swamps.

Animalium Mod

With this mod installed, we can also manufacture some new character equipment objects from the drop of some of the creatures that the mod adds. For example, we can make the Wild Dog Pelt boots, which will allow us to move faster and jump up to four blocks high. We will also manufacture the Bear Claw Pixel, a multi-tool that will cut wood, dig the earth, and chop hard materials.

This mod is in the beta update phase, so it may still contain bugs or bugs. We will be publishing their respective updates in this same article.



The Piranha is an aggressive mob that will spawn in water biomes, rivers and swamps at or below sea level. Piranhas will swim fast to attack players and are relentless in pursuit whilst in water. Piranhas will also leap at players that are on dry land and try to attack them, unfortunately they will suffocate if out of water for too long. Piranhas will occasionally drop raw fish when killed or cooked raw fish if on fire.


Wild Dog

Wild Dogs are aggressive mobs that will spawn in all non-water biomes but not the Nether or End and chase the player at speed. When Wild Dogs attack they will jump at the player and often attack in groups. When killed Wild Dogs will drop Wild Dog Pelts (used to craft some special boots see gear for details) and bones when on fire.

Wild Dog

Brown Bear

The Brown Bear is a large aggressive mob that will spawn in all non-water biomes but not the Nether or End and chase the player in an attempt to maul them. Bears like to ‘dance’ when trying to attack the player and particularly like the Spice Girls and YMCA by the Village People.

When Killed Bears drop Bear Meat or if on fire Cooked Bear Meat. Bears will also drop Bear Claws that can be used to craft the Bear Claw Paxel (see gear for details).

Brown Bear


The Rat is a small aggressive mob that that will spawn in all non-water biomes but not the Nether or End. The Rat has low health and does not hit for much damage but this can be deceptive when multiples attack at once. Rats are only aggressive at night time or in low light conditions. The Rat also has a sneaky trick up it’s sleeve; there is a 1:10 chance that if they land a hit on you, they will steal whatever you are holding in your main hand at the time and run away. Rats that steal an item will not de-spawn and when killed will drop your item so it can be retrieved. When Rats are killed they will drop Rat Meat or if on fire Cooked Rat Meat.



Wild Dog Pelt Boots

Wild Dog Pelt Boots are special boots that allow the player to sprint faster and jump 4 blocks high. Fall damage is negated when wearing these boots. The boots are crafted as below.

Animalium Mod 5

Bear Claw Paxel

The Bear Claw Paxel is a special tool that allows you to dig, mine and chop wood all in 1 tool. It has the tool level of Iron and good durability. The Bear Claw Paxel will however not work on many manufactured blocks like Crafting Tables, Furnaces etc. The Bear Claw Paxel is crated as below.

Animalium Mod 6

How to install Animalium Mod With Forge

  1. Make sure you have Minecraft Forge
  2. Download Animalium Mod file from link(s) below/above
  3. On PC Windows, Go to the Start menu

Type:  %appdata%/.minecraft

Press Enter to Run %appdata%/.minecraft

  1. On macOS open finder, hold down ALT, and click Go then Library in the top menu bar. Open the folder Application Support and look for Minecraft.
  2. Go to minecraft/mods folder

If Mods folder does not exist, create one

  1. Put Animalium Mod file into the mods folder
  2. Launch Minecraft using Forge Profile, then Open Menu
  3. Now we can find tea trees in Minecraft!

Download Animalium Mod for Minecraft 1.16.5 => 1.10.2

Version 1.10.2
Version 1.11.2
Version 1.12.2
Version 1.14.4
Version 1.15.1
Version 1.15.2
Version 1.16.1
Version 1.16.3
Version 1.16.4
Version 1.16.5

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