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Trevor Moore, Co-founder of ‘The Whitest Kids U Know’, Tragically Died


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As sad as it is to say, comedy isn’t always safe. Even though we love laughing, the road to success can be a dark one for comedians. There are tragic examples of this in history, like all the comedians who died from syphilis or tuberculosis from having unprotected sex with prostitutes after their performances. Even more recently, we have seen comedians take their own lives because of depression or other personal demons that haunt them on a regular basis. The saddest example of this has to be the recent passing of Trevor Moore, co-founder of The Whitest Kids U Know sketch group and a longtime voiceover artist with nearly 150 credits to his name. In case you didn’t know… read more


What Happened to Trevor Moore?

The first news of Trevor’s passing came from the group’s Facebook page on November 17, 2018. In a somber post, the group announced that Trevor had passed away the day before. Trevor had been battling depression for his entire life, and his death came after a battle with suicide. While the cause of death is unknown, the fact that Trevor had been diagnosed with depression and anxiety disorders since he was 19 makes suicide a likely culprit. Though Moore’s actual cause of death is unknown, his struggles with depression and anxiety are well documented. Not only did he discuss his mental health issues with the press, but he also made them the subject of his work.


Is Suicide Always a Tragedy?

If we accept that Trevor Moore’s cause of death was suicide, it might seem like a strange question. After all, Trevor was suffering, and he chose death over life. How could that not be a tragedy? However, there is a philosophical argument called the ‘martyr fallacy’ that suggests suicide might not be the last word in tragedy. Essentially, the martyr fallacy suggests that suicide is a cowardly escape from life. While suicide does take away a life, it does not take away a story. It does not end with someone saying “They were suffering, and they chose death.” Instead, it ends with a story about “How could they be so selfish?”


Moore’s Contributions to Comedy

Trevor Moore was not one of the great comedians of his time, but he was a prolific voice in comedy. Before he founded the Whitest Kids U’know, he was already hosting two podcasts, writing for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and performing as a sketch comedian. That’s not to mention his time on the sketch group, which lasted from 2003 to 2013. During that time, Trevor and his fellow comedians stayed busy with a consistent string of YouTube sketches and TV specials. With over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube, the WHK had a very healthy online presence. Trevor, who served as the group’s co-founder and co-host, was also responsible for a lot of the group’s popularity. That said, Trevor’s contributions to comedy aren’t just about his work. They are also about how he went about his work.


His Last Tweet

Again, we don’t know for sure what happened to Trevor Moore. We can’t say for certain that he committed suicide. However, we do know his last tweet was very ominous. In his last words in the world, Trevor sent a cryptic and disturbing message, saying “Bye-bye, everybody.”


The Whitest Kids U’Know

The WHK was a sketch comedy group founded by Trevor Moore, Sam Brown and Zach Cregger. The group formed in 2003 during their freshman year of college and split up in 2010. The group’s name came from a recurring sketch about a group of incredibly racist children. The sketch, which was based on the childhood memories of Brown and Moore, was about a group of white kids who refused to play with black children. The name of the group was satirical, and each new sketch about the “whitest kids” was more over-the-top than the last. The group produced three seasons of sketch comedy and a feature-length film, The Whitest Kids U’Know, which was released in 2006.


Moore Was Already Dead Inside

The most tragic thing about Trevor Moore’s life is the fact that he was already dead long before he died. Many comedians push themselves to their limits, working themselves to the point of exhaustion and trying to get their name out there at any cost. That’s what happened to Trevor, and it’s what leads to people like him dying young. Trevor pushed himself until he had nothing left, and then he pushed himself further. When his co-partners in the WHK went their separate ways in 2012, Trevor wasn’t done. Rather than slowing down, he sped up. He pushed harder. He worked more. Again, we don’t know for sure whether Trevor committed suicide, but we know he was already dead inside. We know he was already a sacrifice to his own ambition.


Final Words

In the end, Trevor Moore was just a man. He was just a comedian who loved to make people laugh. He was just a guy trying to make ends meet, struggling with anxiety and depression. He was just a human being, and although he was funny as hell and contributed a lot to comedy, he was still just a man. He was still just human, and we all have to go one day. We have to go one day, but that doesn’t mean we have to go quietly. We have to work at living well while we’re here, and we have to do our best while we’re here.


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