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The fastest way to earn gold in Minecraft 1.18 update


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The Minecraft community has been eagerly awaiting the release of update 1.18 since it was announced at MineCon last year, and with good reason: this new introduce will shake up how we collect resources in-game! In our article today about five easy ways to earn gold coins (and find them anywhere!) we’ll tell you what they are used for as well as their spawn locations – which means if your friends aren’t playing yet don’t worry – there’s still time before everyone gets access too these goodies

How to earn gold in Minecraft update 1.18

1. Loot from village chest
Gold ingots, the most useful form of gold, appear in village chests and treasure chests. While you must explore defeating mobs to collect treasure chests, village chests can be opened freely. This is one of the easiest ways to earn gold to start your Minecraft journey. Both the temple and the weapon smith’s chest in the Minecraft village have about a 25% chance of containing gold bars, the blacksmith chest has a 10% chance.
2. Piglins or zombified piglets
Piglins have an 8.5% chance to drop golden weapons or armor when killed. Each loot level increases item drop rate by 1%, armor shards and weapons can be enchanted randomly. When defeated, zombified piglets have a 2.5% chance to drop gold bars. They can also drop items like gold bullion or weapons, although the drop rate is much lower than Piglins. Players can create a wild boar farm to collect them more easily.
3. Treasure Chest
Treasure chests filled with gold are already common in fiction, and Minecraft is no exception. Players can find gold bars that spawn in various treasure chests when exploring buildings. You can explore the Nether Fortresses, conquer the End Cities or defeat the Bastion Remnants for the most gold, as the general rule is that the more dangerous the structure, the better your chances of finding gold.

4. Nether Gold Ore
Nether Gold Ore is a variant found only in the Nether. It spawns in the Nether as blobs from levels 10 to 117. The player can find Nether gold ore from all biomes in the Nether. The Basalt Plain is home to the least. Nether gold ore drops 2 to 6 gold bars when mined with any pickaxe. Players can get up to 24 gold bars with Fortune III.

5. Gold mining in the world
Collecting in the underworld turned out to be the best way to earn Minecraft 1.18 gold. A new block called Deepslate now appears in all underworld biomes, from layers 0 to 32. Players just need to dig down and start mining immediately. Using spells like Efficiency and Fortune will definitely speed up this process.

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