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Kit Spleef Map


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Kit Spleef Map 1.15.2, 1.14.4, and 1.12.2 is a map minigame, type spleef, that will allow you to face other players on a map that offers us various configuration and customization options. You can play this minigame either in individual mode, facing artificially generated entities, or facing your friends.

At the beginning of the game, you can purchase a combat kit, which is the one that you will use during each of the games. As you gain experience, you can buy other combat kits in the store that offers you the map itself to change your style of play according to your tastes or needs.

Configurable, chaos-filled minigame!

Play with as many friends as you want in this chaos-filled kit-based Spleef minigame map!

Includes settings to change the gameplay, such as sudden death, CPU players, terrain features, and more!

The Kits

Dig to fill your XP bar. When you reach the required amount of XP, you will receive a power-up item!

Snow Shoveler
– Gets an unbreakable diamond shovel
– Can slice through the platform easily

Special Ability: Stun Powder (5 Levels)

– Slow down nearby players!


– Shoots arrows that dig 3×3 holes where they land!

Special Ability: TNT Arrows (4 Levels)

– Shoot explosive arrows that blast holes in the map!

– Spawn creepers that speed to their target and explode, creating annoying holes!

Special Ability: Proximity mine (4 Levels)

– Place a nearly-invisible mine that explodes when opponents go near it!


– Be anywhere in a flash with ender pearls!

Special Ability: Place Swapper (7 levels)

– Switch places with a random player on the map!



– Stack your way to victory with an unlimited amount of snow blocks!

Special Ability: Magic Boots (6 Levels)

– With these magical boots, walk on a platform of snow created at your feet!

The settings!
Spice up your gameplay with these settings!


Keep Loot Between Games: Enable to allow players to keep items they collect while in rounds. Disable to clear everyone’s inventory each round.
See Players Through Walls: Enable to give every player the Glowing effect, allowing you to see their outline through walls.

AI Team Level: Sets the difficulty level of the AI players. Also enables / disables them.

AI Team Can win: Enable to allow the AI team to win rounds. Disable to end the game when there is only on human player remaining, regardless if there are still AI players surviving

Item Jukebox rate: control the speed that item jukeboxes spawn in the arena, or disable them.

Terrain: Enable to generate staircases, walls, and small forts on each layer of the arena. Disable for a classic flat-plane spleef experience.

 Lock Kit: Override all players’ kits to a specific kit. You can also override every players’ kit to a random kit

Spectate next round: Sit out the next round as a spectator. You cannot use revenge mode. Lasts for one round.

Unbreaking shovels: By default, all kits except Snow Shoveler get fast, weak shovels that need to recharge. Enable this setting to make all kit shovels invincible.

Regeneration Speed: Control how fast players regain health after taking damage. You can also disable health regeneration entirely.

Number of Snow Layers: Set the arena to generate between 1 and 3 platforms.

Powerups: Allow kits to activate their special ability.

Revenge Mode: Allow players to activate revenge mode.

Daylight cycle: Enable or disable the Minecraft day/night cycle. Lamps in the lobby will activate at nighttime.

[clock] Set Time of day: Change between 8 different time-of-day modes.

Auto Start matches after 30 seconds: This map requires players to stand close together to start the round, to ensure everyone is ready. With large groups this can be hard to coordinate. Enable this setting to automatically start the round 30 seconds after the previous one ends, regardless of whether or not players are standing close together.


Activate Server Mode

Force-enables Auto Start Matches.
Enable: /setblock -1957 112 -2007 redstone_block

Disable: /setblock -1957 112 -2007 air


Where do I find the saved map in Minecraft?
You then find the saves folder in the .minecraft folder and open it Then you drag the downloaded map (hint: if you downloaded a .zip or rar extract the file on windows or unzip it on mac so that you only get the folder. This is very important because the map will only show up if its in the folder version)

Are you on a Mac or Linux? If so, the save file location will be different.

Mac Save Files: Stored in ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft ( “~” = username)
Linux Save Files: Stored in – to be added – (enter locate .minecraft into shell and you should find them)

How do you make a map in Minecraft?
If you created a realm using the “flat” type, you don’t need a map. They’re only 256 x 256 blocks, meaning you’ll likely never stray too far from home or fall off the edge. Maps are best suited for infinite terrains, with five specific sizes you can create to track anywhere from small to insanely huge distances. 5 steps to make minecraft map:

1.Determine your map
2.Create your map
3.Fill your map
4.Enlarge your map
5.Copy your map

Kit Spleef Map Installation Guides:

  1. Download Kit Spleef Map file from the link(s) below/above and then extract the map
  2. Go to Start menu

    Type: %appdata%/.minecraft

     Press Enter to Run %appdata%/.minecraft

  1. Search for minecraft/saves folder

If Saves folder does not exist, create one

  1. Put Kit Spleef Map file into the saves folder
  2. Start your Minecraft with this map
  3. Enjoy!

Important notes
 If players are unable to change settings, set the spawn_permission in to zero

– This map will probably not work on servers with plugins! Please use vanilla to ensure the best results. I will not fix issues relating to plugin compatibility. Instead, report those to the plugin devs.

Download Kit Spleef Map for Minecraft 1.15.2, 1.14.4, and 1.12.2

Credit and Author: ravbuganimations

Version 1.8.9
Version 1.9.4
Version 1.10.2
Version 1.11.2
Version 1.12.2
Version 1.13.2
Version 1.14.4
Version 1.15.1

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