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How to Install Fabric Mod Loader or Minecraft Forge, and Mods for Minecraft 1.16.4


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How to Install Fabric or Forge, and Mods for Minecraft 1.16.4

Guide for installing both the forge and fabric mod loaders. Now one thing you need to note is that you can’t use both together you have to pick one or the other and if you choose to install a mod that’s for fabric it won’t work if you’re using forge.

I. Installing Forge and Mod

Download Forge(select the one you want which in my case is Minecraft 1.16.4) at link Minecraft Forge 1.16.4

Click and install 

Fabric Mod Loader

If it doesn’t open, or you have any other problems start by making sure you have java installed, and it’s up to date otherwise, you can try googling any, errors that you come across. In this forge installer window, you have two options. There are install client and install server which are single player, multiplayer for this video, we’re going to cover just single player modding.

Still, i’ll leave a brief guide for multiplayer in the installer window description to make sure that your Minecraft directory is correct and then press the ok button with install client selected. After a short time, it should successfully install.

Now open up your Minecraft launcher and press the drop-down box in the bottom left corner. This shows all the versions of Minecraft you have installed.

There should now be a forge option to select this and press play to create all the configuration files. now we’re ready to install mods which require us to go to our default Minecraft directory

You can press the mods button in the main menu and then choose open mods folder, some older versions of forge don’t have. Download Minecraft 1.16.4 Mod . This option, so instead, you can go to options resource packs and then the open resource packs, folder from there you’ll need to go up a level to get your Minecraft directory and then choose the mods folder. 

Download link for your version of Minecraft. Every time you download a mod, you’ll receive a dot jar file.

All you need to do is drop this into the mods folder that we previously opened, then open Minecraft again with the forged preset selected or restart if it’s open you can check to see if a mod is installed by pressing the mods button on the main screen or by entering a world.

II. Installing Fabric

I have a video on my channel which also covers installing optifine with forge. if you want to install fabric instead of forge, start by typing fabric mod loader into google or clicking the link press the download link.

You can select either of these two buttons, but i’ll choose the universal jar file once it’s downloaded, open this file. if it doesn’t open, make sure you have the latest version of java installed.

The fabric installer window should now be open in the first drop-down select your Minecraft version you want to install fabric for Minecraft 1.16.4. You can leave the loader version as it is. It’s unlikely you’ll need to change. This option make sure your install location is correct, which it should be by default, and then hit the install button. It should only take a few seconds once it’s done open up your Minecraft launcher.

In the bottom left corner is a drop-down menu which contains all the versions of Minecraft you have installed one of the newest additions will be fabric select it, then press the play button so that Minecraft creates all the necessary files.

Now we need to head your default Minecraft directory. The easiest way to get there should be by opening the resource or texture pack screen in Minecraft there you can press the open resource packs folder button from there.

You’ll need to go up a level there should be a newly created mods folder in here. Let’s start with installing the fabric API, which is a necessity for a lot of fabric mods to function you can see some download links.

Still, there’s a chance it won’t be shown for all versions of Minecraft. If yours isn’t shown, you can open the files, then press views all and check the drop-down menu to see if your version is listed.



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