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Best Minecraft Mods for a Server on 1.12.2


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If you’re looking for the best Minecraft mods for a server on 1.12.2, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we will discuss some of our favorite mods that will enhance your server gaming experience. Whether you’re looking for new weapons and armor to help you survive in Minecraft, or want to add more functionality to your server, we have the perfect mod for you! So without further ado, let’s get started!

I’ll give you a small list with some “essentials”

BetterFPS (improves the game’s performance)
foamFIX (improves performance, fixes some minor stuff AND prevents the game from crashing most of the time, instead it will tell you that something stopped working and ask you if you want to quit to title instead of straight up closing the game)
Just Enough Items/JEI (a must if you want to use mods that add content, provides recipees for ALL items, modded and unmodded as well as a list for said items, since sometimes they don’t appear in the creative menu)
Quark (adds a shitload of vanilla friendly content and adds a lot of features that should arguably be in the game already, including some features that where added on later updates, world generation, colored wood, etc. It even has quick stacking to nearby chests Terraria-style)
Quick Leaf Decay (good for any mod that adds custom biomes, prevents lag from irregular tree’s leaves spawning too far away from the trunk)
Redstone Flux (a main module for any productivity mod, you’ll want this just in case even if you won’t use productivity mods)
Roguelike Dungeons (adds a bunch of random structures that can generate around the world, from simple rock formations to entire dungeons that reach the bottom of the world and even new houses for villagers)
Thermal Foundation, Expansion and Dynamics (adds new materials and tools for all the materials (wooden shears, diamond bows, iron fishing rods, copper swords, etc) as well as machinery for transporting, processing of resources, energy distribution, etc. A must have for almost any long-term modpack, it also allows for re-growing ores on chunks from before the mod was installed)
Worley Caves (changes cave generation to be more continuous and extreme, making many interconnecting shafts instead of just randomly dabbed tunnels like in vanilla)
Xaeros Minimap (lightweight minimap which can be used for placing waypoints and even auto-calculate nether to overworld distance ratios)
VanillaFix (another performance mod, i don’t fully remember what it does but it helps)
Traverse (lightweight world generation improvements, just adds more variety to world generation in the form of biomes, trees and other structures without adding any items or blocks)

Requires: forge 1.12.2


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