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How To Install Minecraft PE Mods For Android


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For Android users who want to install MCPE mods, the process is relatively straightforward, and with the help of a simple app, you can easily mod your version of MCPE. To be able to use this method, you will need the full version of Minecraft PE.

Minecraft PE Mods For Android

If you’re running a J version of Minecraft PE or the J version, this tutorial will not work due to app incompatibility.

1. Download and Install BlockLauncher

To be able to install MCPE Android mods, you will need to have BlockLauncher. Previously known as MCPELauncher, BlockLauncher is an app that will let you access and install mods. You can download a free version of BlockLauncher, which gives you the ability to patch 3 patches or purchase BlockLauncher Pro to patch an unlimited number of patches and scripts.

2. Download Your Mod

After you have installed BlockLauncher (free or Pro version) you will need to download any mods you will need to install MCPE mods. You can find mods at the top menu of Simply select the mods you want and download them to your device.

3. Use BlockLauncher To Install MCPE Android Mods

Launch your Minecraft PE app and then open the BlockLauncher menu. Once here, you can choose “Manage ModPE Scripts”. This will bring up a submenu to choose to import. Import your files from local storage and navigate to your downloaded mods. The app will then import your downloaded mods and patches.

Important Notes:
Remember, this app is for Android only. If you have an iPhone or iPad it will not work. There are a few problems with certain devices running Jellybean that do not allow all features of BlockLauncher to work. More information can be found on the official app page.



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