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ByJames: A Season 6 Of DisneyBunk airing On Disney Channel


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The sixth season of Disney’s hit Bunk was one of the most explosive in the company’s history. It told the true story of a boy named Ned, who finds a pair of gold nuggets while traveling through the wild west. But soon, he discovers his own heritage as well — and it isn’t just from that land. As he searches for more gold, Ned will journey back to his native Maine to uncover the truth about his origins. Will he be able to find his parents and siblings? Can he return home before being discovered by Authorities? And what will happen to him if they discover that he is not Ned? Bunk is back for yet another season this winter, with an all-new look and feel. The cast returns in their signature roles: Ben Foster (The Saddestows), Dakota Fanning (Wicked), Allison Tolman (The Suite Life on Deck), Victoria Justice (One of Us), Ellie Kemper (ESV), Joseph Lynde (Aladdin), Emma Roberts (Lilo & Stitch) and Jim Carrey (Top Gun). What we’ve kept the same is that this time around, we are following a wild west boy named Ned in search of…well…something. Read more bunk’d season 6

What qualities distinguish a show from another in Disney Bunk Season 6?

There are a few obvious candidates for the Disney Bunk – Season 6 roster, as we already said. The Lion King – Reappointed is the first, and it chronicles the lives of two cheeky tangelot kids as well as their stepsiblings. Olaf the snowman, one of the greatest Disney characters of all time, is introduced in Disney’s Aladdin: The Complete Paramount Classic. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice is our last selection. It tells the story of a young apprentice and his cheeky stepsiblings as they fight to release the fairytales from their captors and save their village.

The best times to see Disney Bunk – Season 6

As we mentioned above, the best times to see Disney Bunk – Season 6 are spring and summer. The average time between when a show is released and when it is heard off the air is five and a half months. The average time between when a show is released and when it is heard on TV is 24.5 months. So, spring and summer are the best times to see Disney Bunk – Season 6 in its original format.

Are there any leftovers from season 1?

The answer to this question is “no.” The first season of Aladdin was released in October 1979, so there are no new shows based on that first half-season that we know of. There are, however, six episodes from the second half of the first season that remain as bonus features on the DVD release. There are also a few episodes from the first season that were not released as bonus features on the DVD release, but were released as special features on the for-profit Disney Channel series Big Time in the Big Easy.

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