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WhatsApp Allows You To Send Message To Yourself From Now 


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WhatsApp has always been one of the most used texting apps worldwide. In the latest versions of this texting app on iOS and Android, it will start letting users send messages to themselves. It might sound a little nonsense and meaningless, however, it is not.   

Source: WhatsApp

This new feature is similar and might be found in WhatsApp’s rival, Slack. This ability has always been underappreciated. Otherwise, it might be quite helpful under many circumstances. Thanks to this ability to send yourself messages, it might be used to take notes without having to leave the app. For example when you want to save something important like a photo, a video or a quote that you find interesting. Or you can only save a date and a place that you need to be afterwards. 

It is as easy to use as sending a new message to someone. All you need to do is to start a new chart and select your name. Your name should appear right on top of your contact list. These memos are also synchronized between various devices, as long as you’re logged in. Therefore, you shall not miss any important thing. 

WhatsApp’s memo functionality helps it keep up with other competitors other than Slack. Users of Slack might create memos by sending messages to Slackbot. Signal also has “Note To Yourself” feature that lets its users do the same thing. Sending messages to yourself is also available on Apple’s iMessage and Meta’s Messenger. It’s such a surprise that until now it is on WhatsApp – the most popular texting app in the world. 

Source: WhatsApp

To use the new feature, users need to upgrade their app to the latest versions which are version 22.23.74 on iOS, and version on Android. They are both available to download on the App Store and Google Play Store. Several changes to this app are also expected to be launched in future including account-sharing capabilities. However, these are still under development and for developers only. We will still have to wait for another period of time to experience this new feature. There are also several updates on the desktop and web versions that you might want to try out. These are Screen Lock feature and Polls feature which make texting even more convenient and exciting, especially for work purposes. 

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