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How to Master Any Online Game


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Online games can be tough. Regardless of whether you’re a fan of MMORPGs to twitchy shooters, you may feel overwhelmed by the competition thrown at you in today’s multiplayer gaming landscape. But don’t worry, you’re not alone and, trust us, we’ve all been there.

Fortunately, there are tonnes of ways to bolster your gameplay and get ahead in any multiplayer title. Following these six tips will propel your gameplay to a whole new level. But don’t be fooled—it takes time and commitment to up your game. Thankfully, if you’re playing a game you truly enjoy, that time will fly by!

1.Work on Your Input Mechanics

While getting better at any given game can be about learning and understanding its systems (more on that later), one thing all games share in common is the fact that you are the one physically playing them. In other words, you’re the one moving the mouse or joysticks and pushing the buttons. Thus, this is the first universal point of improvement to any player’s game.

While the “mechanics” in question will differ from game to game—shooters requiring good aim, MMORPGs requiring quick button combos and racers requiring precision inputs—it all comes down to the same core question. Are you getting the most out of your inputs?

For most genres, there are plenty of programs to help you improve your mechanics. For example for the most common multiplayer genre, the shooter, you can improve your accuracy through aim training programs.

But mastering your mechanical inputs is only the first step.

2.Get to Know the Systems

All games have different objectives. Whether that be eliminating enemies, racing to a goal, completing raids or anything in-between. To do so, players use the in-game systems to try and get an advantage by surveying the potential options and devising a strategy.

While this may sound simple, the key to getting better at any game is to truly understand its systems. In multiplayer titles, this includes understanding your options of approaching your opponents AND their options for approaching you. While this can be a bit of a steep learning curve, when you’ve mastered the systems you’ll often be able to predict your opponent’s actions—allowing you to think two steps ahead, always giving you the advantage.

3.Ensure You Have Good Connection

Back to the technical. Multiplayer games almost all require a good internet connection. If you’re playing an MMORPG, multiplayer shooter or racer, you’ll need low latency (ping) to ensure that your inputs are registered when you intend them to be. In simpler terms, low latency means your gun will shoot when you pull the trigger—not any later. And we all know how much a split-second means in multiplayer gaming!

The only slight exceptions to this rule are deck builders and other turn-based games, as, for the most part, they don’t require specific timed inputs.

4.Give Yourself a Head-Start

Getting good at the game can be fun… sometimes. But chances are you want to get ahead now, without needing to grind for weeks learning how the game works and how to get better mechanically. Well, fortunately there are ways to do that as well.

Lots of games revolve around items, levels, characters, unlocks and other gated content which is not available to newcomers or those who aren’t at the top-tier of gameplay. Having such items inherently gives you an advantage over players who don’t have the option to use such gated content. But don’t panic, there are ways to obtain these early on!

5. Team Up with a Mentor

If you’re playing a team game online, a sure-fire way to improve your skills is to team up with a mentor to play. Now, I know what you’re thinking. But this isn’t “carrying”. Don’t think teaming up with a more experienced player will magically boost your rank and make you better in the process.

Instead, the value of teaming up with a mentor is that you can easily learn from the way they play the game by playing alongside them. Perhaps they have unique routes around a map, specific ways of using items or simply know the ins-and-outs of what counters what. Whatever it is, playing with experienced players will give you a boost!

6. Analyse Your Own Gameplay

Whether you have a mentor to play with or not, self-criticism can be one of the best ways to improve. The bet way to do this is by analysing your own gameplay. Simply record your game and watch it back, taking notice of where you succeeded and where you failed. But really take notice. Was It your positioning? Your mechanical skill? Or your approach to that given scenario.

Fortunately, most modern games have replay functions built-in, allowing you to watch back recent games without needing to record through external software.


With these six pieces of advice in mind, head back into the game and start putting them into practice, you might be surprised how quickly you can improve when you put your mind to it.


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