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Download Dungeons Armors Mod updated 1.16.5


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The Minecraft MC Dungeons Armors mod Latest for Version 1.16.5, Minecraft MC Dungeons Armors mod has been updated to Version 1.3.7. Here is everything you need to know about this mod.


Minecraft Dungeons Armors mod

The Minecraft Dungeons Armors mod is a unique cosmetic mod that will let you have most of the armors from the Minecraft Dungeons. This mod has everything you might be looking for, it has new armor, tools, weapons, and many more items.

Currently, this mod has more than 45 new armor sets in the game ranging from the Mysterious Curious Armor to the Evocation Robes. It also has a wide variety of helmets and new weapons. The majority of the non-unique versions already have crafting recipes and they show up in REI.

The developers are still working on the recipe book as they are quite cumbersome. You’ll find unique variants hidden in chests spread across the world. You can attain these hidden chests through crafting. Currently, the Devs are working on the companion mods that will bring the artifacts and armors from Dungeons to the mod

Credit of this mod: chronos_sacaria, SeaOfPixels, SattesKrokodil. 


Minecraft MC Dungeons Armors mod: 

for MC 1.16.4: Download Here

for MC 1.16.5: Download Here

Other details:

Mod credit: chronos_sacaria
Game Version 1.16.5
Size 909.38 KB

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