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Download Decoration Mods for Minecraft

The best 5 Decoration Mods for Minecraft in 2021

#1 DecoCraft 

DecoCraft Mod adds in over 300 decorations for your Minecraft World. It also adds a bunch of new props to the game to give your world a bit more life. You can now craft anything from furniture and silverware to lamps and beer kegs. This mod will definitely give you a lot more variety when decorating your builds.Many of the new items are actually functional as well and there is brand new textures!  This mod allows players to utilize decorative blocks specifically designed for both the inside and outside of their homes.

Players can use the DecoCraft mod to create anything from tables and chairs to paintings. It also includes an impressive array of different textures that players can apply to these created objects, which means they are sure to match any individual theme or style players are looking for.

Download DecoCraft here

#2 Mr Crayfish Furniture mod

This mod adds in what Minecraft has been missing for years, furniture! It includes over 40 unique pieces of furniture to decorate your bedroom, kitchen,…. The cool thing about this mod is that most of the blocks have very useful features to them and are not just for decoration.

With over 40 all new different pieces of furniture, there are plenty of tasteful and modern items players can use to make their house into the dream home they’ve always wanted.

Download Mr Crayfish Furniture mod here

#3 Decorative

Decorative is a mod that adds hundreds of decorative items to Minecraft in both modern and traditional styles. Created with 3D models, each item has been carefully designed with superior esthetics in mind.

Despite implementing mostly cosmetic items, many of the new items included by the mod are still functional and can be interacted with through various means to change their state.

Download Decorative here

#2 Chisels and Bits Mod

Novice and expert Minecraft contractors will have fun using this brand new means to personalize assembles so as to make them distinctively theirs. Using features for beginners and much more experienced, the Chisels and Bits mod enables players to make unique and fully custom decorative cubes inside their very own Minecraft world.

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Chisels & Bits Mod

The mod Chisels and Bits offers an inventive way to design and chip away at the specific cubes that constitute several of the game’s blocks. Merely craft a stone, gold, iron, or diamond chisel, and you will be capable of taking down pieces of complete blocks to build designs, accessories, or just about everything you can envision.

More specifically, the mod includes 27 chisel shapes and 12 colors of bit paint. This results in a nearly infinite amount of brand new blocks that can be created within Minecraft, it is only limited by the player’s imagination.

Download Chisels & Bits here

#1 Macaw’s Furniture mod

The Macaws furniture mod provides new cubes, machines and tools into the match. It is a fantastic mod which provides new esthetics and performance to the match. The writer is constantly adding new features and bug fixes frequently.

Whether gamers are searching for tables, cupboards, or even a mattress to rest on during the nighttime time, Macaw’s furniture mod probably includes it. The mod also will come with unique bits such as status tents and shelves that are certain to spice up some vacant space players may find.

Download Macaw’s Furniture mod here


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