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Useful Backpacks Mod


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Useful Backpacks mod 1.2.2=> 1.16.5 is a mod that will allow us to expand our ability to transport objects by making backpacks. The mod offers us three backpack sizes that follow an evolutionary process. That is, its manufacture follows a process of evolution or improvement. First we will have to make the small backpack, then make the medium backpack and then make the large backpack.

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Minecraft Backpacks Mod 1.15.2

crafting recipes in Minecraft

useful backpacks mod 1 1

The recipe is quite simple, and the ingredients are not that difficult to find. To get Backpack 1 (Small Backpack) we need 4 wool, 4 leather and 1 color thread, depending on your preferences.






Mod Requires:

Minecraft Forge

U Team Core

How to install Useful Backpacks Mod

Download Minecraft Forge 1.2.2=> 1.16.5
Download U Team Core 1.16.1, U Team Core 1.16.2, U Team Core 1.16.3, U Team Core 1.16.4 or U Team Core 1.16.5

Double click on the downloaded Forge file to run the installer.
Paste the downloaded “U Team Core” file into the .minecraft / mods folder
Paste the downloaded file of the mod into the folder .minecraft / mods
We can now prepare our backpacks to go on an expedition!

Download Useful Backpacks Mod for Minecraft 1.16.5, 1.15.2, 1.14.4, and 1.12.2

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We do not host any Minecraft mods on our website! If you have any problem, please leave a comment below and we will help you
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