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The best video editing app on mobile


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Using video has become an increasingly popular means of reaching people. We can search for everything through videos such as studying, eating, having fun, sightseeing with just 1 click.

Adobe Premier app

Let’s talk about Premier Rush. It’s part of the industry-leading Adobe suite of software that is a staple of creative professionals everywhere. Premier Rush allows you to easily enter footage, categorize colors, cut and organize clips, mix audio, add transitions, etc. all through an intuitive interface, large size. When you’re going to post a video to Premier Rush also offers preset formatting options to prepare your video automatically for any platform.

Like all Adobe products, you must sign up to receive Premier Rush, but you can save money by signing up for a subscription if you also plan to use other apps from their suite. Premier Rush also allows you to connect the app to the desktop-based Premier Pro, if you have one, to make more in-depth editing when you return to your main workstation.

LumaFusion app

LumaFusion is a complete professional editing app in a surprisingly small and affordable package. LumaFusion is suitable for any kind of editing while in the field. With six audio/visual tracks, six auxiliary audio tracks, full audio mixer, in depth-color grading, and practically limitless other effect and editing options, no videographer or vlogger will be without the tools to perfect their content.

While only available for iOS devices at the moment, LumaFusion is perfectly geared for content creation, offering fast upload speeds through thunderbolt 4 and support for vertical video destined for Instagram, Tiktok, or elsewhere.


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