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Instructions for creating YouTube Shorts


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If you’re a creator, you know that YouTube is the place to be. And if you’re not creating content for YouTube, you should be! The platform is constantly evolving and launching new features to make it easier for creators to share their stories and connect with their audience. Recently, YouTube launched a new type of short-form video content called YouTube Shorts.

What are YouTube Shorts?

With tiny content that lasts up to 60 seconds, YouTube Shorts is a vertical video format. All producers can record videos, edit them, add music and text, and then upload Short Videos within the YouTube app using the creative tools available on YouTube. In contrast to YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook Stories, which vanish after 24 hours, short videos remain online forever on producers’ YouTube channels. All short films can have popular YouTube hashtags added by creators to help boost views and visibility.

While all producers can watch short videos on desktop and mobile platforms, they can only upload short videos using the YouTube app on mobile.

Why should we use YouTube Shorts?

Uploading dependable content One of the quickest methods to boost the visibility and revenue of content is through YouTube Shorts. But how do YouTube Shorts aid in the expansion of a YouTube channel? Together, let’s find out.

More views are possible when you upload short videos to your YouTube channel. The more viewers your channel receives, the more probable it is that engagement and subscriber numbers will rise. When a social networking site introduces a new feature, it (or rather, the algorithm!) wants the developers to utilize and promote the feature. It’s possible that creators’ YouTube channels will experience a rise in profile and video views if they interact with this new feature. The Instagram Reel feature is the same way in this regard.

YouTube Shorts should be made money, regardless of subscribers. Forget about the 1000 subscriber and 4,000 watch hour criteria for the YouTube Partner Program. With no requirements needed, YouTube Shorts monetization is accessible to all creators. Creators are hand-selected by YouTube before being invited to the Short Video Fund program.

Who should use YouTube Shorts?

Since there is less saturation when producing YouTube Shorts than regular YouTube videos, this presents a great opportunity for individuals and businesses. No matter your niche, all producers can use YouTube Shorts, including vloggers, home channels, tech experts, beauticians, gamers, and toy reviewers.

Multiple YouTube Shorts that encourage viewers to click on the channel and subscribe can be managed by a single YouTube vlogger. Small businesses and brands can also utilize the short video maker tool to promote their goods in little clips, or they can use the online video editor to cut existing long videos into short YouTube videos. Free online.



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How to Create YouTube Shorts

Step 1. Open the YouTube app and create a new YouTube Short

You can create and upload YouTube Shorts from your smartphone by opening the YouTube app. Tap the + button at the bottom of your screen. The Create option will appear in a pull-up box. You can choose between Video Upload, Make Short Video and Live Stream. Click Create Short Video.

Step 2. Allow Access

If you haven’t created a YouTube Short before, you’ll need to grant access to your camera and microphone. Click ALLOW ACCESS to continue.

Step 3. Record a YouTube Short or upload a pre-recorded vertical video

Now it’s time to create your YouTube Short. You can tap the red record button to start recording your YouTube Short. Alternatively, you can upload a pre-recorded vertical video less than 60 seconds long by clicking on the little box on the bottom left which will show the clips on your smartphone.

YouTube Shorts has features that allow you to set a timer and adjust the speed of your clips 3x faster and 0.3x slower. The pre-recorded vertical video clips you upload to YouTube Shorts give you the power to customize your videos the way you want to fit your brand’s needs.

In order for YouTube Short videos to be known to more people, especially foreign audiences, you need to use a subtitle generator for your videos. I will introduce to you the hottest subtitle generator application today and used by many people around the world, which is Subtitle Generator. When using this subtitle generator application, foreigners or people with hearing difficulties will clearly understand the content and meaning inside your video.

Application details: Subtitle Generator


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