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Minecraft 1.17 – This will be the future Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs Update


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MineCon Life, now called Minecraft Live, has left us a huge amount of news and news related to the universe around Minecraft. One of the most exciting innovations has undoubtedly been everything you’ll find in the new significant Minecraft update, which will be named Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs Update. It will be released during the summer of next year, 2021.

futura actualizacion minecraft 1 17 caves cliffs update

It is an update that will offer us a new generation of caves and mountains, with all kinds of related elements. You’ll also find new creatures, new mineral resources, underground biomes, character gear items, and more. Let’s see it!

New cave system

Minecraft Update 1.17 will focus on improving Minecraft’s cave system and adding two new cave-specific biomes. These two new biomes are “Lush caves” and “Dripstone caves”, which will offer underground vegetation and large open spaces, although Who could add other biomes in the future.

Lush caves

lush caves minecraft 1 17

It is a cave biome full of vegetation and aquatic areas. In this biome, we will find new types of plants and shrubs. It will also be home to a unique aquatic creature, the Axolotl.

Dripstone caves

dripstone caves minecraft 1 17

It is a new underground biome where Dripstone caves will generate clusters of stalactites and stalagmites, which can fall to the ground and break. When it ruptures, we can pick them up and put them back wherever we want. When you fall on a steed, the entities will take damage so that you can cheat with them.

Sculk sensor

sculk sensor minecraft 1 17

In the most profound areas of these new caves, you can find a block called “Sculk sensor”, which will function as a motion detector. This block will emit a Redstone signal when it detects any movement around it.

Wireless Redstone

It is a block that emits Redstone signals wirelessly, which can be received by these same blocks and will ultimately execute any element that needs a Redstone signal to work.

wireless redstone minecraft 1 17


cobre minecraft 1 17

Cobre will add copper ore to the game’s ground generation. This new mineral resource will allow us to make building blocks, such as steeds, blocks, and stairs. However, you can also use it to create new objects like the telescope and lightning rods.

Oxidation of copper blocks

cobre oxidado minecraft 1 17

Copper is a material that oxidizes over time, and in Minecraft, the same thing will happen. With copper, we will be able to manufacture standard blocks, stairs, and s handle that, over time, will change color. Orange to green. This may not just be an aesthetic function and may have some functionality in the future.


telescopio minecraft 1 17

With fragments of Geodes and Copper crystals, you can manufacture a telescope, which will allow you to zoom in on the Optifine tool without relying on tools external to the game.

Lightning rod

pararrayos minecraft 1 17

The copper ore will also allow us to make lightning rods, whose function will be typical of this element, to prevent lightning from impacting our house. The lightning rod will cause electricity to be driven, or channeled, through the lightning rod, preventing our home from being on the impact of lightning.


bundle minecraft 1 17

The bundle works like a bag where you can group a total of 64 units of any block or object, that is, a “stack.” These bags will allow us to increase our ability to transport items and classify our chests’ contents, among other things.


arqueologia minecraft 1 17

Archaeology system, with areas of archaeology scattered around the world. You can use brushes to find antiques at these points, which will allow you to create vases or decorative vessels. However, you can also find other elements, such as blocks of minerals and other various objects.


The Axolotl is a new animal that will be generated in the cave biome “Lush caves”. These aquatic creatures can be captured with a cube, just as we can catch fish in the sea. Apparently, they could be pink and brown or yellow.

axolotl minecraft 1 17

Once captured, the Axolotl will follow us and protect us when releasing them into the water. When they take damage, they become dead, and no one can attack them.


A new crystal-shaped mineral, called Geodes. It is a mineral resource that will be generated rarely. Geodes crystals will grow from Geodes blocks. It’s a mineral resource that you won’t take with the players, so you’ll have to go to the place to get Geodes. The fragments will allow us to make the telescope.

geodas minecraft 1 17


It is a blind hostile creature, which uses its antennae, or ears, to detect nearby sounds. Although not a boss, he will have very high living standards and cause a lot of damage with his attacks. The Warden will be generated in the same underground biome to find the Sculk sensor and Wireless Sensor blocks.

warden minecraft 1 17


Little is known about the new generation of mountains, beyond which they will be taller, more giant, and definitively, much more spectacular. On the summits of the great mountains, you can find snow and snow powder. If we step on a block of powdered snow, we’ll sink and fall.

montanas minecraft 1 17


The goats are added; they will make high jumps and are not very friendly to cows. When a goat sees a cow, it will ram it with its head.

cabras minecraft 1 17

How about all this news? Which one do you find most interesting? Could you leave us your opinion in the comments?


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