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From tutorials and movies to learning and business, voiceovers benefit everyone. The term “voiceover” may not be as common as “annotations” or “transcriptions,” but the practice of adding external sound to video footage appears in reality every area of our lives. Here are five of the most common uses for voiceovers, and how Maestra can make it easy to overlay new audio on your own videos.

Basic guide

Usually the person who performs the tutorial must focus on the existing skill to do it right on film. They will then add voiceovers to narrate their actions and ensure viewers can follow and copy them. Dubbing works to clarify and interpret video content, and one of the best uses for this is in the tutorials. The guide can be about anything from difficult math problems to fixing a car to baking a cake. Regardless of the topic, it can be difficult to learn a new skill just by watching someone else’s video doing it, so commenting and explaining is important.

Important documents

Films about nature, history, and space — very popular themes — all make the most of voiceover capabilities due to the inherent difficulties in providing commentary for relevant scenes on the spot. Documentaries combine a variety of different clips and images, and often this material is not narrated on the screen, but instead overlaid by the voice of a narrator reading a script that binds everything together. The end result allows students, educators and anyone curious to access compelling and invaluable new knowledge.


Occasionally, a movie or a franchise becomes popular enough that it gets a re-release with extra features. Director and actor commentary is a popular feature on these special editions and usually involves voiceover overlaid on scenes from the original film. These versions are a huge hit with fandoms and any and all dedicated movie lovers. Directors can talk about the inception of a film and script writing, actors can share humorous anecdotes or talk about how they prepared for roles, and production team members can talk about set design, technical challenges, CGI, and more, enhancing the viewing experience and giving fans more of what they want.


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