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Blocklings Mod 1.14.4,1.12.2 [With Forge] – Block Pets


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What is blocklings mod?

The Blocklings 1.14.4,1.12.2 and 1.10.2 is a mod that adds a new creature to the game, the Blockling. This creature, which you will find in various aesthetic variants, usually inhabit forest biomes and plains. Players can tame Blocklings, so you can use them as adventure companions.

Taming a Blockling is really simple because you have to give them flowers. Once we have tamed a Blockling, it will follow us and defend us from enemy attacks. Our new adventure companion will gain experience as you battle enemies.

This accumulation of experience can be used to increase its health, attack power, defense, and speed parameters. When your Blockling has a certain level of power, you can equip it with swords. When our travel companion gets hurt, we can cure him by giving them flowers.

What do blocklings do in Minecraft?

Blocklings are tamable mobs in Minecraft that may start out small but ultimately grow very large over time. Their main goal is protecting you in your travels. They can level up to 10 levels and can even be upgraded incrementally. You can find them in forests or plains and tame them with flowers

Guide for Version 6

There are not a lot of things to know to be able to use this mod:


1. Blocklings spawn in grassy areas such as plains or forests (they can be quite rare).


2. Blocklings love flowers, so if you find one you can tame them using flowers just like you a wolf with bones.


3. Once they are tamed, sneak and right click on them to open their GUI or right click without the flower to make them sit/follow.


4. Inside the GUI there are 8 tabs.


5. Stats: The stats tab shows all your blockling’s stats. There are 4 levels (Combat, Mining, Woodcutting and Farming) which will gain xp when the blockling performs a task for that skill. The 3 buttons at the bottom tell your blockling what to do. The first button tells you blockling what task they should perform (i.e. do you want them to hunt other mobs, chop trees etc). The middle button switches your blockling between guard mode or not. When in guard mode they will act like a wolf and attack anything you attack. The third button allows you to swap between states (staying, following or wandering) almost like a wolf.


6. Equipment: Here you can see what tools your blockling has equipped. You can either place the tools into these slots here or just right click on your blockling with them. They need different tools to perform each task. E.g, for mining they will need at least a stone pickaxe to mine coal. The ‘A’ icons underneath can be clicked to let the blockling swap tools automatically depending on what they are doing (green on, red off). The top slot is the material upgrade slot. Some items can be placed in here for a chance to change the type of your blockling. So putting a lapis block in there has a 50% chance to turn the blockling into a lapis blockling. Each upgrade comes with a unique set of bonus stats. 


Upgrade materials include:

– Dirt/Grass

– Logs

– Pumpkin

– Stone

– Iron Ingot

– Nether Quartz

– Gold Ingot

– Lapis Lazuli

– Emerald

– Diamond

– Obsidian


7. Inventory: Quite simply an inventory where everything the blockling collects will end up. Some of the slots are blocked off as you will need to unlock abilities to use them.


8. Abilities: Each abilities tab contains a set of abilities which your blockling can buy using skill points. Skill points are gained every 5 levels. Some abilities have level requirements and cost more than 1 skill point. To buy an ability, click on it (it will turn green) and click ‘buy’ at the bottom. To reallocate your skill points to different skills, use the reallocate button, however, be warned that there is a chance to lose levels and skill points when doing this!


9. Creative Mode: In creative mode you can spawn blocklings using a normal spawn egg and you can use a bottle of enchanting to level them up to 99. Just right click them with it like you would a flower or tool for instance.

How to install Blocklings Mod With Forge

  1. Make sure you have Minecraft Forge
  2. Download Blocklings Mod file from link(s) below/above
  3. On PC Windows, Go to the Start menu

Type:  %appdata%/.minecraft

Press Enter to Run %appdata%/.minecraft

  1. On MacOS open finder, hold down ALT and click Go then Library in the top menu bar. Open the folder Application Support and look for Minecraft.
  2. Go to minecraft/modsfolder

If Mods folder does not exist, create one

  1. Put Blocklings Mod file into the mods folder
  2. Launch Minecraft using Forge Profile, then Open Menu
  3. Enjoy!

Download Blocklings Mod 1.14.4,1.12.2 [With Forge]

Credit: WillR273989372


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