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Lucky Block Mod for Minecraft [With Forge]


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Lucky Block Mod – gives you something good or something terrible

Welcome to LUCKY BLOCKS! Random lucky blocks have appeared around the world and are waiting for you to break them. Are you feeling lucky? 

Test your luck with LUCKY BLOCKS! + A world of lucky blocks + Each time you play through the lucky block will be different + Inspired by the original lucky block mod + Random block of luck + Play LUCKY BLOCKS with multiplayer or solo. Basic information you need to know about Lucky Block Mod.

Lucky Block Mod

What is the Lucky Block Mod?

Lucky Block Mod is an interesting but potentially devastating add-on for Minecraft. It adds a Block with Question Mark imprinted to the game, and once broken, there is a chance of spawning something good or something terrible.

The block has a chance of spawning something amazing like a pile of food and sweets or even a completely domesticated and armored horse or something as devastating as a mass of lava and fire, or an armored zombie named Bob with an enchanted sword. You might be lucky with a super lucky block that spits out lucky potions that can also change according to good or bad luck bestowed upon breaking them.


Luck Levels

  • Lucky blocks can get different ‘luck levels’ if you put them in a crafting table with certain items.
  • The ‘Luck’ of a lucky block is diplayed as a bar from 0 to 100.
  • The higher the luck level, the more likely it is the lucky block will give you something good.
  • Luck levels can also be negative, 0 to -100. Negative luck levels make lucky blocks unlucky.
  • There are 3 Lucky Blocks in the creative inventory. One is normal, one has a luck level of 80 and one -80.
  • Only Lucky Blocks with a luck level of 0 can be stacked.
  • List of items that affect the luck level is under ‘Crafting’.


  • Lucky blocks can now also generate inside of custom structues.
  • The current structures are a quartz ‘greek temple’ structure and a wreckage of stome bricks and netherrack.
  • Lucky blocks in the temple will have a luck level between 50 and 100, but in the wreckage it’s -50 to -100.
  • By default, there is a 50/50 chance a lucky block will spawn on its own or in a structure.
  • Lucky Blocks on their own have a luck level of -20 to 20.
  • Spawnrate back to 1 in 200 per chunk.


  • Added 100 new drops.
  • A temple with 8 Luckly Blocks (rare).
  • 2 Lucky Blocks. One lucky. One not. Choose wisely.
  • A bunch of different types of fish, with a fishing rod.
  • A villager riding on top of a stack of pigs.
  • Horses.
  • A pointless silly message about grave danger and mushrooms.

Other Features

  • 3 different wishing well structures. Throw in a coin, and see which with you get.
  • 3 trading villagers. They will offer you all the lucky tools/armour/weapons at a reasonable price.
  • Giant slime! Taller than the trees! Sometimes even a Magma Cube.
  • Lucky potion with random positive effects.
  • Unlucky splash potion with random negative effects.
  • Tamed wolves with different colour collars.
  • Tamed cats, with different colour skin.
  • Aghast! It’s a Ghast.
  • A witch amongst a cloud of bats.
  • Lovely bouquet of flowers.
  • A bunch of enchantment books.
  • Some useless, random and hopefully humorous jokes.

How do you install the Lucky Block mod?

Lucky Block is installed using Forge Mod. Forge is extremely easy to install, you can refer to the articles on how to install Forge. After you have Forge installed and running, you can go ahead with actually getting up and running Lucky Block!

To start you download the Lucky Block mod and the zip file is a bunch of files/folders. Unzip it into AppData\.minecraft\mods folder. Just put the ZIP file itself in the Mods folder. Don’t unzip it. Some mods come in .zip format.

Now that you’ve downloaded Lucky Block but how do you install it?

Just press the Windows key on the keyboard and ‘R’ at the same time.
This will open the ‘Run’ program. In the search box, type ‘% appdata%’. This will launch the ‘Roaming’ folder on your computer. At the top of this directory you will see a program called ‘.minecraft’. Open this folder and in it, you will have a folder titled ‘mods’. Once you’ve found or created a ‘mod’ folder, installing Lucky Block is easy. Just grab it and drag it and drop them into this ‘mod’ folder. After you are done, the mods are installed!

However, we are not done yet. You still need to make sure that you are choosing the correct Forge version. To choose the right version of Forge, you need to open the regular Minecraft launcher. From here, you can click the green up arrow next to the ‘Play’ button.  From there, look for the profile titled ‘Forge’. Click it, and then click the big green ‘Play’ button. Minecraft will then launch with Forge and Lucky Block installed.


How many Lucky blocks are there?

Lucky Blocks can be found in either quartz or netherrack structures. If found in a netherrack structure, the block can have -50 to -100 luck. If found in a quartz structure, the block can have 50 to 100 luck.

Download Lucky Block Mod for Minecraft 1.16.5,1.16.4,1.15.2,1.12.2…

Author: Player In Distress 


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